9 Best Gel Deodorant For Men – Clear Antiperspirant For 2023


For the average man, sweating is part of everyday life. From working out to running for the subway, life has its ways of making our skin leak. But while a little moisture is totally normal, there’s no reason for you to be kicking up a stink (unless your doctor says so).

To help control your sweat and fight odor, I’ve hunted down the best gel deodorant for men (there’ll be no spray cans here) to add to your bathroom cabinet. You’ll find an array of options, each offering a heavenly aroma and the kind of protection we all deserve.

Keep reading for the essentials suitable for all kinds of needs and budgets. Your pits can thank me later.

Key Takeaways

No matter how much time you spend in the bathroom, a quality deodorant is paramount to your grooming collection. To help you choose the best gel deodorant for men, I’ll be presenting a line-up that would impress beauty editors and sportsmen alike. From Arrid’s antiperspirant to Nécessaire’s cruelty-free version, these are the smell slayers that keep you fresh and fight off funky aromas.

Our Top Picks

holding a bottle of clear gel deodorant
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Arrid Extra Dry Antiperspirant

A good deodorant will ensure you don’t upset the noses of fellow festival goers and that hench guy at the gym. But the great ones have people asking how you get away with wearing gray T-shirts yet always look (and smell) so fresh.

This one from Arrid is one of the leaders in the business—so get ready for an earful of compliments and super sweet-smelling pits. Designed to reduce underarm perspiration with a subtle and refreshing scent, it’s the ideal option for any guy looking for the best gel deodorant for men.

Scent: Fresh | Skin Type: All | Cruelty-Free: Unknown

Right Guard Xtreme Defense Antiperspirant

Budget deodorants are often overlooked because many of us believe you have to spend big to keep the BO at bay. However, there are plenty of unsung underarm heroes that are ready to fight off sweat and the unsightly smells it leaves behind.

This wallet-friendly option from Right Guard offers up to 72-hour protection, so there’s no need to reapply throughout the day. Better yet, it goes on clear and absorbs quickly—eliminating the risk of nasty T-shirt stains that leave you red in the face. At under $25 for a pack of four, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better value for money.

Scent: Citrus & Spice | Skin Type: All | Cruelty-Free: Unknown

Nécessaire The Deodorant Gel

There’s no shame in stealing some of your girlfriend’s beauty products. We all do it. Even if we don’t like to admit it. How can you possibly resist the sweet smells of those $50 face creams and hot cloth cleansers? But if you’re ready to build up a collection of your own, I have just the thing.

Nécessaire’s The Deodorant Gel is a clear quick-drying natural deodorant that’s housed in an aesthetically pleasing bottle. Aluminum free, it’ll successfully fight odor and leaves you feeling refreshingly clean. If you shave your armpits (hey, no judging here), it’ll help minimize bumps too. It’s technically for the ladies, but such is the modern world.

Scent: Fragrance Free | Skin Type: All | Cruelty-Free: Yes

Speed Stick Antiperspirant Deodorant Gel

If you were browsing Amazon before heading here, you’ll have already noticed the endless results that pop up if you search “best gel deodorant for men”. Which is great, but it makes narrowing down your options a helluva lot harder.

Save yourself some time and invest in this from Speed Stick. Keeping your pits squeaky clean and odor-free for up to 24 hours, it’s a clear gel antiperspirant that’s easy to apply and won’t stain your clothes. The light yet pleasant scent is perfect for every day.

Scent: Light | Skin Type: All | Cruelty-Free: Unknown

Gillette Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Clear Gel

Of all the grooming products available to man, the humble deodorant is perhaps the most important. I mean, it’s no good having smooth skin and killer eyebrows if you’re smelling like an old sock.

My go-to each morning is Gillette’s antiperspirant—undoubtedly one of the best gel deodorants for men around. Providing protection that lasts from morning until night, it gives off a light cedar-ish scent that leaves you feeling set for the day. You can wear it to work, but its fast-drying technology is more than strong enough for exercise.

Scent: Cool | Skin Type: All | Cruelty-Free: Unknown

Almay Fragrance Free Antiperspirant Gel

With a myriad of hair and body essentials designed specifically for gents, it’s never been easier for us guys to look after sensitive skin (including our armpits). And if you’re looking for the best gel deodorant for men (of course you are), I highly recommend Almay’s antiperspirant.

With its quick-drying formula and skin-friendly ingredients, you can tackle sweat and stink without the risk of irritation. Bonus points are awarded for not leaving any trace of white residue on clothing (particularly handy for those who favor the black tee).

Scent: Fragrance Free | Skin Type: All | Cruelty-Free: Yes

Right Guard Sport Antiperspirant Deodorant

The best gel deodorant is a must-have for any man. But it’s particularly essential for the active ones who like to work up a sweat. Whether you’re a pavement pounder or weightlifter, staying fresh while working out is super important (if not for you, then at least for anyone around you).

Right Guard’s antiperspirant gel helps protect against stains, odor, and wetness—leaving you dry and fresh for up to 48 hours. The scent is gentle, with enough impact to impress the guy next to you in the changing rooms.

Scent: Fresh | Skin Type: All | Cruelty-Free: Unknown

Old Spice Pure Sport Clear Gel

When it comes to impressive scents, I often find myself turning to the fragrance professionals over at Old Spice. Who, as it goes, offers a pretty impressive selection of deodorants for men who sweat a lot.

My favorite is Pure Sport. Offering impressive staying power with a masculine scent, it’s ideal for daily use or trips to the gym. Just don’t leave it unattended in the showers—this is the kind of deodorant everyone is going to want a piece of.

Scent: Clean | Skin Type: All | Cruelty-Free: Unknown

Mitchum Triple Odor Defense Gel Stick

If you’re more interested in blocking sweat than smelling sweet, there are a bunch of awesome unscented deodorants that are ready to meet your underarms. Including this bestselling version from Mitchum.

With almost 10,000 five-star Amazon ratings, it’s globally loved for its 48-hour protection, alcohol-free ingredients, and excellent value for money. The triple odor defense promises to shield against smells caused by heat, motion, and stress, while the quick-drying formula leaves no trace of messy white residue.

Scent: Fragrance Free | Skin Type: All | Cruelty-Free: Yes

three bottles of necessair gel deodorant
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What To Look For In The Best Gel Deodorants For Men


Don’t forget to make sure you’re buying the right type of deodorant. A simple deodorant will protect against odor, while an antiperspirant also helps prevent sweat. Which one you choose will depend on your needs. Some guys like to swap between the two—choosing a deodorant for days at home and the antiperspirant when exercising or heading out for the day.


The ideal deodorant scent will be light and extremely subtle. It shouldn’t be overpowering, nor should anyone else be able to notice it. You want to remain fresh without smelling like you’ve bathed in fragrance. Fruity notes are great for summer, while winter is a great time to up the manliness.


The best gel deodorant for men will have a big say on how long it lasts. Although it may mean a higher cost upfront, you may find that buying a bigger size will save you money in the long run. Alternatively, you might need to opt for something smaller for travel purposes.

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Final Verdict 

Whether you’re a marathon runner or a city banker, the best gel deodorants are a must-have for keeping your armpits fresh. But what should you pick? If you still can’t choose from the options I’ve provided, may I suggest starting with Arrid’s antiperspirant? With its nose-pleasing scent and all-day protection, it’ll reduce underarm perspiration without leaving behind nasty white marks. Oh, and did I mention it’s reasonably priced too?


    • The best gel deodorants for men are long-lasting, affordable, and great-smelling. If you’re looking for a reliable deodorant to keep sweat at bay, they are definitely worth a try.

      • It is difficult to say which type of deodorant is best. The answer will vary depending on what works for you and your skin. However, the best gel deodorants are a brilliant choice for many guys. Not only do they offer all-day protection, but they’re easy to apply and feel invisible once dry.

        • Once opened, the average deodorant will be useable for around six to twelve months. Expired deodorant shouldn’t cause any harm to your skin, but it’s likely to lose its fragrance and ability to keep you dry and odor-free. A little gel deodorant goes a long way, so apply sparingly to make it last longer.

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