Cher Celebrates 77th Birthday and Questions When She Will “Feel Old”

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Do you believe that Cher‘s 77?

The pop queen celebrated her birthday May 20 and posed a question on Twitter about aging. “Ok, Will Someone PLEASE Tell me,” she began. “When Will I Feel OLD.”

The Grammy winner continued, “This is ridiculous. I keep hearing these numbers, but I Honestly can’t understand them. WHATS THE DEAL WITH #’s!? I’m dyslexic & #’s Are hard 4 me. Thank u for staying, I know it’s been hard. Got to go work out. Twitter is harder for me than TweetBot.”

Cher has occasionally spoken about aging in interviews. “I hate it,” she told The Guardian in 2020. ”What, I’m going to say I like it? No, I don’t. Any woman who is honest will say it’s not as much fun.”

The “Believe” singer continued, “When I was working on the road, we used to work two shows a night and then go out dancing all night long. [Now] it’s like, we’ve got to rest, because you’ve got another night.”

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