New “Cadaver Keep” Update Adds More Goodies to Fantasy Horror Title ‘Dread Delusion’ [Trailer]


Fans of DreadXP’s Dread Delusion can now enjoy some additional content, thanks to the recent “Cadaver Keep” content update. Alongside the usual bug fixes, the update adds “a ton of new challenges” to the Endless Region, as well as a new main story quest and further improvements to the game’s combat.

In this update, the hunt for Vela Callose continues, with Vela’s former comrade – known as the Duchess – arriving in the Endless Region. The Duchess resides in a cluster of islands haunted by skeletons and spectral eyeballs. Once you do find her, she tasks you with an even more perilous endeavour – to rescue her daughter from the terrifying Cadaver Keep.

The eponymous Cadaver Keep is a brand new dungeon for Dread Delusion that’s teeming with enemies and treasure. As with the previous Rustburg update, there will be multiple paths to your goal – allowing you to slip past some of the more daunting combat encounters, if you have the skill.

The Endless Region also gets a new dungeon in the Endless Mines, a vast complex of crystalline caves in which “a malign psychic presence has taken root.” It’s an entirely optional dungeon, but yields a huge amount of crafting materials, and also features an engrossing questline with multiple endings.

Enemies also get a bit of an upgrade with the ability to now consume potions to restore health and use shields to deflect attacks, adding an extra layer of strategy to combat. Lastly, developer Lovely Hellplace has improved the way the game loads data between regions that adds a small bit to the load times, but improves Dread Delusion‘s overall performance.

Dread Delusion is currently in Early Access on Steam.

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