7 Best Beard Shaper Tools For Men – Find Great Angles in 2023


Your beard is your crown. Whether you’re rocking a long Gandolf or a few days of sexy stubble, your beard is a statement of who you are. And it needs to look good.

Because beards are much more forgiving than trying out a whole new hairstyle, the best beard shaper tool makes all the difference in the world. Even if your attempts at beard shaping are lame at best right now. They take from you a Shaggy style that even Scooby mocks to a Hugh Jackman suave. Suave is the beard style every guy wants, after all.

No matter your grooming style, butters, straighteners, and oils are nothing without the best beard shaping tool. Hipsters with braided beards, look out. There’s a new brand of beard on the market, and it’s perfectly shaped.

Key Takeaways

Cultivating and maintaining the beard of your dreams requires the proper tools. To that end, I’d like to announce the best overall winner of the best beard tool competition—The Beard Black. It’s incomparable for beard shaping and styling. But don’t sleep on some other handy options like Fulllight Tech’s beard grooming kit or the simplicity of the Cut Buddy pencil.

Our Top Picks

man combing his long beard
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The Beard Black Shaping and Styling Tool

The best overall beard shaping tool award goes to The Beard Black. These guys know beards. It’s what they do. The built-in comb creates the perfect lineup for edge trimming. Use this styling tool with a beard trimmer or razor for a clean line.

Prepare to shave as usual, then put the shaper on your face. The curve follows your cheek up towards your ear. The side markings let you line up evenly on both sides. Next, you’ll lightly shave over the beard shaper and move over your skin. Your top line never looked so sharp.

Two thumbs up to the side markings that align you on both sides of the face. This hair shaper template keeps you symmetrical without worrying about it, and you can easily step-cut your cheek or give it the tried and true curve cut.

Material: Plastic Polymer | Features: Built-in Comb | Beard Type: All

Grow Alpha Beard - Beard Shaping Tool

With a company motto of “Being Weak is a Choice, so Grow a Beard,” Grow Alpha Beard knows how to care for facial hair. Rumor has it their founder wrestled a lion until he spilled the tea on mane maintenance. Other words suggest the company’s sponsor is Chuck Norris.

Even though Grow Alpha Beard starts its company rumors, this family business carries forward its values of growing and grooming beards. Guide your beard chisels and sharpen your style with accuracy with this 8 in 1 multi-liner beard shaping tool. Create curved or straight cheek lines, clean necklines, and perfect sideburns. Seeing your hair underneath the shaper doesn’t leave much room for mistakes.

Material: Plastic | Features: Transparent Shaper | Beard Type: All

Aberlite ClearShaper with Barber Pencil

Aberlite lets you choose the design you want with multiple trimming options. They added long edges on anti-slip rubber, so this beard-shaping tool is easy to hold in place whether you’re trimming your neck or top line. Plus, it’s clear—bonus.

You’ll get straight sideburns and curved goatee lines. Whatever look you’re aiming for, this best beard shaper tool gets you there. It stays steady while you design your facial masterpiece, and the white barber pencil helps you outline the perfect beard line. With a steady four-star rating of over almost 5,000 reviews, this beard shaper is the clear Amazon winner.

Material: Plastic | Features: Long Handle | Beard Type: All

Fulllight Tech Beard Grooming Kit

This beard kit for men has it all. It’s a must have in your grooming routine, with the best beard shaper tool for outlining to keep a well-groomed beard in tip-top shape. Beard shampoo. Check. Delightful beard growth oils. You bet. Sturdy beard comb. Obviously.

Along with a cornucopia of other goodies, FULLLIGHT TECH has your beard covered. Give this beard kit as a gift, or keep it for yourself. Who are we to judge?

Material: Various | Features: Full Grooming Kit | Beard Type: All

The Cut Buddy Barber Pencil

The Cut Buddy Barber Pencil takes the guesswork out of beard trimming. Just outline your curves or lines before trimming. That’s it. And yes, you’re going to draw on your skin. It’s not like the drunken nights of youth when you gave your buddy a Sharpie mustache.

Use it with a shaping tool or freehand it. No matter your trimming skills there’s no more guesswork with a handy pencil line to follow. Your sideburns are on point. Your goatee is crisp. Your mustache is dapper. Add a dab of beard wax, and you’re ready for anything.

Material: Pencil | Features: 4-Pack | Beard Type: All

Follicle Booster Beard Shaper Kit

Who doesn’t want professional barber vibes at home? With this bundle from Follicle Booster that dream is now a reality. With an adjustable, transparent beard shaper tool, a barber pencil, and three foldable straight razors, you’re in for a luxurious beard-trimming experience.

Trim along the template edge or use the barber pen to trace your ideal beard line, there’s an option for you on this shaper tool. Plus, there’s just something about a straight razor that adds extra panache, don’t you think?

Material: Various | Features: Adjustable & Transparent | Beard Type: All Styles

Cut Buddy Plus

You’re not seeing double, The Cut Buddy is just doubly good. And it’s not because it was on Shark Tank, although that is pretty cool. Setting aside the cheese factor, this is a very handy full-size beard comb and beard liner tool in one.

Their slim one-millimeter edge design lets your razor, clipper, or trimmer slide along the edges easily for an ultra-precise beard line. The transparent factor makes it even easier. But wait, the ease continues with an included electric hair trimmer. Not too shabby.

Material: Plastic | Features: Electric Razor | Beard Type: All

The Beardman Beard Shaper Steel Comb
bandabrushes / Instagram

What To Look For In The Best Beard Shaper Tools


The best beard shaper tools are typically made from plastic with a tapered edge. While some people prefer translucent plastic tools to see their progress, others find solid plastic easier to work with. Consider what material works best with your beard before you buy.


Look for beard shapers with multiple design options. You want a multitool that gives you the choice of a curve cut or a step cut, lets you easily trace with a barber pencil, and feels comfortable in your hand. Bonuses like a built-in comb or included pencils are always good too.

Beard Type

The best beard shaper tool specifically designed for the type of beard you’re sporting is key. Maybe you need a sturdy transparent option with multiple curve sizes. Maybe you need something with a handle so you don’t slip while you’re trimming. Or maybe you just need a good pencil and a trusty pair of trimming scissors. Evaluate your beard style and go from there.

trimming a perfect neckline with the help of a beard shaper
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Final Verdict 

The top overall pick for the best beard shaper tool is The Black Beard. Its sharp angles are designed to contour your face’s curves without you needing to become a professional barber. The fact that it comes in at a very tantalizing price is just a nice bonus.


    • Yes, beard-shaping tools are worth it if you want a clean beard line, and especially if you want to save money by cutting down on barber visits. It takes some practice to shape your beard, but you’ll appreciate how clean you look.

      • Press the beard shaper to your skin, align the measuring guide to ensure you’re even on both sides, then run your trimmer over the shaper. You’ll get a clean line with no mistakes every time. You’ll place the trimmer about an inch above your Adam’s apple on your neck to trim your beard. Then trim your neck below without the guard for baby-soft skin.

        • Beard shaping tools are the most accessible products for shaping your beard. Hold it in place, then trim it over. Flip your trimmer upside down, so the blades face downward for the best results. Barber pencils let you draw a line to follow along while shaving. It’s like paint-by-number, only better.

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