More ‘Mortal Kombat 1’ Fighters Revealed at Comic-Con, Kombat Pack 1 DLC Officially Revealed [Trailer]


WB Games and NetherRealm dropped a bunch of news for Mortal Kombat 1 at Comic-Con. Not only did they reveal Li Mei, Tanya, and Baraka as the latest playable characters joining the game’s main roster, but they also confirmed what we already knew in regards to the first Kombat Pack DLC.

Voice by Kelly Hu (X2: X-Men United, BMF, Young Justice), Li Mei returns to the series after her debut in 2002’s Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. The former member of the Umgadi (a contingent of warrior priestesses pledged to protect the Outworld royal family) now serves as a constable in Outworld’s police force and has an array of magical abilities at her disposal.

Mei is joined by Umgadi leader Tanya, who was previously seen in Mortal Kombat 11. Likewise, Baraka also returns from MK11, who now leads those Outworlders afflicted by the Tarkat plague. Meanwhile, Mortal Kombat: Deception‘s Darrius returns as a Kameo Fighter.

And, as was leaked by Amazon Italy, MK1‘s Kombat Pack 1 was officially revealed, bringing with it six playable characters and five Kameo Fighters. Available post-launch, Quan Chi, Ermac and Takeda Takahashi will be joined by guest characters Peacemaker (based on his appearance in The Suicide Squad & “Peacemaker” series), Omni-Man (based on the original comic book & animated television series “Invincible”) and fresh from his recent appearance in Call of Duty, Homelander (based on the character’s appearance in “The Boys”). No word on if John Cena, Antony Starr and J.K. Simmons will be providing their voices for their respective characters.

According to the announcement, Homelander will be available in MK1 in Spring 2024, which seems to indicate that first part of the Kombat Pack 1 will release before the year is out (with Homelander following in the new year), though nothing has been confirmed.

Also included in Kombat Pack 1 is Jean-Claude Van Damme as a skin for Johnny Cage, featuring the voice & likeness of “The Muscles from Brussels”, as well as Ferra, Johnny Cage, Khameleon, Mavado & Tremor as Kameo Fighters.

Meanwhile, Mortal Kombat 1 is aiming for release on September 19 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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