‘Barbie’ Kenergizes Past $500M Worldwide Box Office; ‘Oppenheimer’ Eyes $300M Global Through Friday


The Barbenheimer phenomenon just keeps going. To wit: there is so much energy happening at international box office turnstiles that Tuesday’s grosses on Warner Bros’ Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie and Universal’s Christopher Nolan opus Oppenheimer were down just 1% from Monday. The offshore gross through Tuesday on Barbie is now $258.5M with global at $472.6M.

As for the Cillian Murphy-led Oppenheimer, it saw a less than 1% dip from Monday to Tuesday, adding $16.1M in 78 offshore markets. The international cume c is now $130.8M for $238M global

Breaking down Monday, Barbie dolled up a $31.9M gross from 69 overseas markets, off a single percentage point from the record-breaking Monday.

In the Europe/Middle East/Africa region, Barbie has already surpassed the lifetime total os The Meg, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Ready Player One, Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla. In Latin America, the doll is the No. 3 Hollywood movie of 2023 after just six days. 

Looking at individual markets, the UK had the biggest Tuesday ever for Warner Bros; gross to date is $34.7M. 

Mexico is the next biggest market with $29.1M through Tuesday, a 16% dip versus Monday, followed by Brazil at $23M (-19% from Monday). Australia, at $17.M and 2% over Monday is next with China and France both at $13.6M, each with good holds.

Meanwhile, Oppenheimer is continuing to fuse with audiences offshore as well. Mid-weeks through Tuesday account for 34% of opening weekend.

UK/Ireland added $2.7M on Tuesday with 28% market share for a cume to date of $19.3M, which is 8% above Dunkirk and over 2x Interstellar at the same point. Midweek gross is equal to a 39% share of the opening weekend – is in line with the same days’ share for Dunkirk, and above InterstellarThe Dark Knight Rises, and Mission: Impossible 7.

France added $1.4M on Tuesday with 20% market share (in admissions) for a cume to date of $9.4M, which is 56% above Dunkirk and 26% above Interstellar at the same point. The mid-week gross is equal to a 35% share of the opening weekend, which is above the same days’ share for DunkirkThe Dark Knight Rises and Mission: Impossible 7.

Germany added $1.1M on Tuesday (25% market share) for a running total of $8.8M, performing well ahead of Interstellar and more than double M:I7 at the same point, having already overtaken the lifetime of Dunkirk. The Monday-Tuesday total is equal to 32% of opening weekend, higher than for DunkirkInterstellar, and M:I7.

Australia added $800K on Tuesday for a running total of $7.9M, which is 48% above Dunkirk and over 2x Interstellar at the same point. Mid-week gross thus far is equal to a 24% share of opening weekend, in line with the same days of Dunkirk, just below Interstellar, and above The Dark Knight Rises and M:I7.

Mexico added $700K at No.2 on Tuesday for a running total of $6.2M. Having already overtaken Tenet, the film has now surpassed the lifetime of Dunkirk. Performance to-date is +14% above MI:7 and more than double Interstellar and Dunkirk at the same point in release.

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