Versace Eros Review: Game-Changing Cologne for Men in 2023


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No Versace Eros review would make sense without first exploring the inspiration behind the product. This fragrance from the iconic Italian fashion house gets its name from Eros, the Greek god of desire, carnal love, and sex.

Finding a fashion-forward fragrance that dares to be different is not always easy. What’s more, when you choose Versace Eros cologne, with just one spritz, you’ll leave an irresistible scent trail for everyone you meet.

Versace Eros is fresh and spicy and leaves a lingering imprint for anyone choosing this sensual scent. “I envisioned a heroic, passionate man, almost a Greek God. The fragrance is made up of notes that express sensuality and power. An extreme force,” says Versace’s chief creative officer, Donatella Versace.

I believe that Versace colognes are among some of the best men’s fragrances of all time. After reading this Versace Eros cologne review, I know you will too.

Are you thinking of adding this Fougere fragrance to your collection? Then let me help you make the right decision. Scroll on to read our intuitive and in-depth Versace Eros review.

Key Takeaways 

If you’ve been searching for a game-changing cologne and are considering Versace Eros, you are on the right track. Our Versace Eros review will walk you through the fragrance’s key notes, performance, and reviews, to help you decide if it has “add to bag” potential. Spoiler alert: you’ll want to get your hands on this fun, fresh fragrance pretty fast.

a bottle of versavce eros parfum
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Versace Eros Review: Fragrance Notes & Scent

Versace Eros

No good Versace Eros review would be complete without a full breakdown of the scent’s notes. Let’s start at the top. Versace Eros opens with a bright blend of invigorating mint oil, Italian lemon, and candied green apple. The top notes pack a punch and are immediately present. One thing is sure; this is not a wallflower fragrance by any means.

As the cologne dries down, it shifts gear, and middle notes of clary sage, geranium flower, and ambroxan reveal themselves. After an hour or so, the scent settles into its spicy, oriental-wood base. Key notes in the dry down are cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla.

If asked to describe Versace Eros in a handful of words, I would say fresh, magnetic, and alluring. From our experience, Versace Eros is pretty much a guaranteed compliment grabber. I find women particularly appreciate this fragrance. They gravitate towards the fruity elements and sweet vanilla in the base.

Aurelien Guichard is the French perfumer to credit for this striking men’s fragrance. Born and raised in Grasse, hailed as the “center of the perfume universe,” Aurelien has an impressive list of famous fragrances to his name. But Versace Eros is arguably his most successful creation to date.

Usage & Occasion

Before writing our Versace Eros cologne review, I put the scent through its paces, and it’s fair to say that it didn’t let me down. Versace Eros is impressively versatile and somehow finds a way to adapt to all seasons and times of day. Men with a full social calendar looking for a cologne to help elevate their daily style will enjoy this attractive, modern offering.

Saying this, I find this cologne doesn’t fit so well in a professional environment. Versace Eros may hit all the right notes on a lunch date, daytime drinks, or guy’s night, but the boardroom, not so much. The powerful opening notes are a little too playful and loud for formal wear.

Versace Eros is a cologne that commands attention. So, if you’re a guy who would describe himself as bright, bold, confident, and full of energy, you’ve found your perfect match.

Packaging & Price

Size matters and the good news is that Versace Eros is available in various options. Taking it from the top, you can buy the fragrance in 6.7, 3.4, 1.7, and 0.3oz bottles. Larger-size bottles may give better bang for your buck but opting for small quantities can often work well for trips to the gym or nights away from home. Whether you make Versace Eros your stand-out signature scent or a special occasion spritz will depend on what size bottle you need to invest in.

Because Versace Eros delivers a powerful punch, it can be great value for money, depending on how heavy-handed you are when spraying. It’s bold and long-lasting, so provided you are not an overspray type of guy, it shouldn’t break the bank.

Like all the best Versace colognes, Eros is a premium, high-end luxury fragrance that stands head and shoulders above the rest. And this is something reflected in its eye-catching turquoise glass flacon, which pays homage to its Greek ancestry. The bottle and stopper feature Versace’s world-famous Medusa’s head logo and will bring some boujiness to your cologne collection. It’s powerful packaging for a power-packed fragrance.

Trend and Popularity

Versace Eros

When it comes to cologne, there tend to be two groups of guys; those who switch up their fragrance for the seasons and those who stick to just one signature scent. If you are the second type, then keep reading this Versace Eros review.

Check out any bestselling cologne list, and you’ll find Versace Eros in a top spot. Launched in 2012, the fact that this designer fragrance is still going strong is a testament to its mass appeal. Despite being a decade old, Versace Eros remains current and on-trend thanks to its timeless aromatic and woody notes. It has year-round appeal and the potential to be a forever scent.

When purchasing an on-trend, popular item, you always face the risk of a new kid on the block swooping in and replacing it, making it feel like a bad buy. Fortunately, I don’t see Versace Eros dropping off the bestseller list any time soon.

According to Fragrantica Trends, Fragrantica users’ interest in Versace Eros is increasing over time. This finding is the exact opposite of the pattern a cologne typically follows, with interest peaking at its launch and troughing to a low but steady level for the remainder of its life.

Sillage and Longevity

After the breakdown of notes, sillage and longevity is the most important section of any Versace Eros cologne review. After all, it determines how well the fragrance performs and whether it is worth splashing the cash.

Unless you’re a fragrance buff, the term sillage is probably new to you. Fragrance consultant and Scenterprises CEO, Sue Phillips, explains it best, “sillage is the French word for the perfume trail left in the air when someone leaves a room.” Sue compares the phenomena to the track of waves that form behind a boat as it moves through the water. In simple terms, sillage is what will have people turning heads as you move through a space.

In these two categories, I find Eros is a top performer, and we’re not the only ones that feel that way. Over 3,500 fragrance reviewers voted that the fragrance lasts 7-12 hours and has a strong sillage of up to 6 feet. Why is this such a big deal? The better the longevity and sillage, the fewer top-ups you’ll need throughout the day, and the longer your bottle will last.

Regardless of how well your cologne performs, some other factors still come into play. Colder temperatures slow down the rate of evaporation. In terms of your fragrance, this means that the top and middle notes will last longer. Your scent won’t wear off more quickly, but it won’t project as far as it does in warmer months.

To crank up the volume come wintertime, layer your fragrance with other scented products from the same collection. As well as an EDT and EDP, Versace Eros is available in a body lotion and deodorant. Applying a lotion, especially one scented with the same fragrance, is a great way to make your cologne last longer and project further.

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What We Like

One of the main plus points of Versace Eros is its versatility. The fragrance is masculine and sexy while at the same time youthful and fun. Better yet, it works as well for a casual get-together as it does for a night on the tiles.

The product also hits the mark for longevity and projection. If you’re looking for a prolonged fragrance, all you will need of this high-performing scent is 4-6 sprays, and you’ll enjoy 7-12 hours of wear. That’s a full day without a need for top-ups, meaning you won’t need to re-purchase too often.

Men’s cologne can be unpredictable, and often it can be long-lasting for some and disappear within half an hour on others, leading to the temptation to over-spray. Luckily, this is not the case for Versace Eros which is a consistently high performer according to its thousands of loyal wearers. Versace Eros’ consistency also makes it a safer blind buy.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

It wouldn’t be a fair Versace Eros cologne review unless I also explored its potential downsides. Luckily though, this cologne has just one minor flaw, which also happens to be its key selling point.

Versace Eros is a crowd-pleasing, attention-grabber. Its sweet yet spicy accords that appeal to all sexes make it a very popular option amongst millennial men. This mainstream appeal is what makes some niche fragrance lovers turn their noses up at Versace Eros and other recognizable colognes.

If you love Versace Eros but don’t like the sound of smelling the same as another guy at the bar, consider an important fact.

Creative director of St.Giles fine fragrances, Michael Donovan, explains that in guys, “the pH balance of the skin differs slightly, which can change the way a scent smells.” So, one man’s Versace Eros may be totally different from yours. Thanks to everyone’s varying body chemistry, even main-brand colognes will offer each wearer something unique.

What Are Customers Saying About Versace Eros

Versace Eros

Almost 8,500 Amazon reviewers have voted this product 5-stars; that’s a staggering 81%. Yet even more impressive is the fact that another 12% awarded the fragrance 4-stars. But still, what smells outstanding on one guy may not work quite as well for another. Why? Because colognes react with the body’s natural pheromones. For this reason, it’s a good idea to read Versace Eros reviews from other fragrance fans.

Like any fragrance, you’re going to come across lovers and haters. One of the major positive comments relates to the cologne’s appeal to all age groups. From 20+ guys on a night out clubbing, 30-somethings hanging out with the boys, to flirty 40s looking to impress their dinner date, Versace Eros works well across the board.

The product gets another top score for longevity and projection, with some users claiming 12 hours of wear. And many reviewers rave about the number of unsolicited compliments they get from friends and family.

On the flip side, though, not all Versace Eros reviews are glowing. Check out enough Eros reviews, and you are guaranteed to come across some complaints that the cologne’s intense and bold fragrance leads to headaches or even nausea; yikes. Though, this is not an uncommon human reaction to scent at all. Let’s unpack this fact.

According to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, humans can smell one trillion or more plus odors, and no two people will react similarly to the same smell. As Amanda Ellison, Neuroscience Professor at Durham University, says, “while one person may find the smell of a strong, floral perfume to be heavenly, another person may find it gives them a headache.”

A study found that just 2 hours of exposure to a strong smell, like cologne, can trigger a migraine in 20% of sufferers. What we’re trying to say is, take the headache comments with a small grain of salt. It’s not necessarily Versace Eros that is specifically responsible, but powerful cologne in general.

You can lessen this effect by applying only a light wash of cologne, just 1-2 spritzes. Plus, avoid applying to points directly under the nose, such as the chest or neck. Instead, opt for pulse points like the wrists or inner elbows.

a bottle of Versavce Eros with an apple and oranges
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Final Verdict 

It’s a fact, Versace Eros is sexy. Not moody, brooding Christian Grey vibes, but sexy in an energetic, youthful kind of way. Fresh and green yet sweet and spicy, Versace Eros is a chameleon that adapts to all occasions.

I love how long-lasting this cologne is and that I don’t find myself having to reach for the bottle to top up all the time. If you’ve been hunting for a game-changing cologne to see you through any year, Versace Eros is a great catch.

Alternative Options

Versace Eros has its foot in the fougere fragrance family. Fougere fragrances have citrus top notes, aromatic hearts, and woody bases. I have a few suggestions if you’re looking to expand your cologne collection beyond Versace Eros.

Oxford Bleu English Laundry

If you’re budget conscious and searching for a more wallet-friendly dupe, look no further than Oxford Bleu English Laundry. The apple, citrus, and mint elements are all present, as are the geranium, vetiver, and vanilla but with less sweetness and boldness than Eros overall. I find myself reaching for English Laundry on those days when I want to smell like Eros, but the occasion doesn’t justify dipping into our higher-priced bottle.


The sweetness of Versace Eros is one of its trademark features, but what if you don’t love sweet fragrances? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Yves Saint Laurent Y is a more aromatic, aquatic interpretation. The feel of the scent is chic and crisp thanks to the added botanical and aldehyde notes, but it still embraces the citrus, mint, and wood that Eros lovers rate. YSL Y is the professional, formal version of Eros.

Bleu de Chanel

I like to imagine Bleu de Chanel as Versace Eros’ more sophisticated older brother. Where Versace Eros is loud and youthful, perfect for partying, Bleu de Chanel is more mature and put-together, think classy dinner dates. They share similar DNA but with very different executions, which goes to show how versatile the fougere fragrance category can be.


    • Green apple and icy mint combine to deliver a strong opening that is both sweet and fresh. But the star of the show here is tonka bean which dries down into a vanilla-based scent with a gentle sprinkling of green and woody notes. It’s cool and clean, says the nose behind Versace Eros, perfumer Aurelian Guichard.

      • This scent goes the distance, and when sprayed directly onto the skin, Versace Eros eau de parfum lasts for an outstanding 7-plus hours. The scent, though, is at its most potent during the first couple of hours. Then, after this, it loses its first hit of citrus and becomes warm and amber-like as the day or evening progresses.

        • Versace Eros is a go-to, attention-grabbing, all-season scent that will take you through from dawn to dusk. It’s a bold cologne, though, and can be overpowering in the workplace. So, for this Versace Eros review, we’ll give it a thumbs-up for casual days, dinners, dates, and nighttime clubbing.

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