Why Do Musicians Keep Getting Attacked By Concertgoers?

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A strange thing happened on the way to score Beyoncé and Taylor Swift tickets this summer—the concertgoers, they seem to have gone wild. 

And we don’t just mean the Swifties who shook it off so hard at her July 22 stop in Seattle that they caused seismic activity equivalent to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. 

Guys, you need to calm down. 

But while being too loud at a show is hardly a crime (and taking a front-row selfie is a definitely a concert code of ethics gray area, sorry Miranda Lambert!), like, can we just not start throwing things at performers? 

Because while passing a wheel of cheese to Pink at a London festival was all in gouda fun, chucking a phone, a drink, a piece of fruit or even your mom’s ashes is straight-up assault. Basically, as country legend Tim McGraw put it, he does not like it, he does not love it.  

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