‘Divinity’ – Sci-fi Thriller Produced by Steven Soderbergh Gets October Release Date


A meteorologist journeys to a deserted island to investigate his father’s death, where he is confronted by strange and mysterious occurrences in Shadow Island. A brand new trailer and poster for upcoming horror movie stirs up an eerie storm for the wayward soul arriving on a deserted island.

Brainstorm Media is bringing Shadow Island to Select Theaters and On Demand on September 8, 2023.

The follow follows “David, an aspiring meteorologist, follows his late father’s footsteps in the Swedish military. After stumbling upon what’s left of his father’s work, David sets off to a desert island in the Barents Sea – the one place which may hold the truth about his father’s passing. Confronted by strange lights in the dark, eerie radio disturbances, and a hidden cave, David begins to question whether or not he’s really alone on the island. Suddenly, a female voice calls out over the otherwise silent radio – a stranger trying to reach David.  Little does he know, his search for truth is about to descend into a much larger conspiracy.

The trailer and poster below warn to question everything and suggest that the aspiring meteorologist might not be so alone on the gloomy island. Though the real question is whether the voices David hears are real, or ghosts from the past. Either way, David isn’t likely to like what he finds.

Shadow Island was written and directed by Johan Storm, a name that sounds perfectly suited to a horror feature about a meteorologist weathering an emotional storm of sorts. The film stars  Johan L. Heinstedt, Hanne Mathisen Haga, Joel Wallón, and Magnus Roosmann. Johan Storm, Andreas Gyllström, Niklas Bergwall, and Erik Ljung produced.

The Swedish and Norwegian language film washes ashore in theaters and VOD in a just a month, so we won’t have long to wait for potential answers lurking on Shadow Island.

Shadow Island poster

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