‘Terrifier 3’ – Here’s the Official Poster for Next Year’s Holiday Slasher!


The official poster for Terrifier 3 debuted as a theater exclusive offering last week, and this week we’re excited to officially release the high-res poster art here on the internet.

The poster comes courtesy of Uncle Frank Productions, and you’ll find it below!

From Cineverse and Bloody Disgusting, Damien Leone’s hotly anticipated Christmas slasher sequel Terrifier 3 slices into theaters across North America on October 25, 2024.

Stay tuned for the teaser, which debuted exclusively in movie theaters on November 1 when we re-released Terrifier 2 back on the big screen. It’s coming soon. Hang in there…

In the third installment of Leone’s franchise, Art the Clown is set to unleash chaos on the unsuspecting residents of Miles County as they peacefully drift off to sleep on Christmas Eve.

Terrifier 3 arrives in theaters just over two years after Terrifier 2, which was released theatrically on October 6, 2022. The ultra-gory, 138-minute unrated film ravaged theaters during its highly publicized theatrical run, pulling in over $11 Million in domestic box office.

During that time, Terrifier 2 found its way to mainstream press with Variety detailing how Damien Leone’s epic slasher “became this year’s unlikeliest box office success.”

Terrifier 2 became CERTIFIED FRESH by Rotten Tomatoes and the movie even found its way onto Stephen King’s radar with the “IT” author Tweeting that Terrifier 2 is “grossin’ you out old-school.” The New York Times called Terrifier 2 “the little horror movie that could” while also calling it “the most talked about horror movie this Halloween.”

Terrifier 2 marked the next horrifying chapter in the Art the Clown saga; in which the demonic killer, portrayed by David Howard Thornton, returns with a vengeance. Lauren LaVera became a breakout star and fans across the world embraced her as the next Final Girl.

As for Terrifier 3, Leone previews: “We’re going to have a bigger budget. We’re shooting in anamorphic widescreen, so I want it to feel more like an old-school John Carpenter movie. It’s going to still have that epic feel of part two, but now have the tone of part one with Christmas. It’s going to be a completely different beast. It’s going to look different. It’s going to feel different, but it’s still going to have everything you love in it. But it’s going to be very fresh. It’s not going to be like you’re sitting through part one or two all over again.”

terrifier 3 poster art

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