Jamie Lee Curtis slams right-wing homophobia and transphobia ‘in the name of religion’

Jamie Lee Curtis waves at the crowds in a black dress with a collar designed to look like spider web

Jamie Lee Curtis has hit out at far-right leaders who use religion as a defence for radical homophobia and transphobia, following the election of new House Speaker Mike Johnson.

The Halloween actor, who is mother to two children including trans daughter Ruby Guest, had taken to the stage at the annual Out100 Gala to accept the award for Advocate of the Year when she took the opportunity to put Republican politicians on plast.

Curtis directly addressed conservative hyper-religious political leaders, whose recent influx of restrictive anti-LGBTQ+ bills nationwide have this week sparked criticism from the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

“I pray that the homophobia and transphobia that is being championed in the name of religion by the right is exposed and silenced as wrong by the love of humanity that is the center of our gay and out trans community,” said Curtis, per Advocate.

Actor Jamie Lee Curtis wears a white shirt and matching jacket as she poses in front of a blue background
Jamie Lee Curtis gave a special shoutout to her daughter Ruby while accepting the Advocate Award. (Getty)

The comment comes in the wake of Republican Mike Johnson’s election as House Speaker.

Johnson has made a number of deeply concerning claims about LGBTQ+ rights across his political career and beyond, advocating for the criminalisation of gay sex, blaming the fall of the Roman Empire on homosexuality, and using his legal background to fight same-sex marriage rights.

Time and time again, when Johnson has been questioned about his deeply homophobic past, he has back-pedalled and insisted he could never be a “hateful person” because of his Christianity.

Elsewhere in her acceptance speech on Thursday night (9 November), Curtis spoke about the responsibility she holds with such a visible profile and the work that she can do to shine a spotlight on marginalised communities.

“Especially for people who have felt hidden their entire lives, and who have had the remarkable courage to state their truths,” she said.

“Like my beautiful daughter, Ruby. I honor her courage here tonight.”

Mike Johnson speaks into a microphone during a House interview.
Mike Johnson was elected House Speaker on 25 October despite a history of deeply anti-gay rhetoric. (Getty)

Ruby Guest, 26, came out as a transgender woman in 2020, and she and her mum gave an interview about their shared journey in October 2021.

“As a woman in recovery, I know only too well that the truth will set you free. Freedom is the goal for all LGBTQ+IA human beings,” said Curtis.

On this note, the actress made a point to touch on her recent controversy, after she made comments about the war in the Middle East on social media.

“I am also human and therefore flawed and contradictory, and I make mistakes, and I try to own them in this time of great conflict around the world, where we are all trying to find our individual center of care and compassion and outreach so we can use our voices amidst the cacophony of hate that is surrounding us,” she said.

“My entire adult life has been focused on the care of critically ill and injured children wherever they are, whoever they are, whatever country they’re from, whatever their circumstances and religious affiliations. I will continue to do that amidst all of the anger and division and cleaving of our shared coexistence.”

Trans daughter Ruby Guest (L) with Jamie Lee Curtis (R).
Jamie Lee Curtis regularly uses her voice to call out and condemn transphobia. (Getty)

Curtis concluded with a special dedication to her two daughters, telling the crowd: “As their mother, it is my job to help and protect them, and I hope to teach them that this is what you do when you’re a parent, that you suit up and you show up with your heart open, your arms outstretched and your aim, true.”

Jamie Lee Curtis has repeatedly used her platform to advocate for the trans community – particularly since her daughter came out as trans.

At any given opportunity, the Everything, Everywhere, All At Once star can be seen championing Ruby, a video game editor – whether it’s in interviews or on social media.

She’s just as eager to use her voice to condemn the rise of trans hate, speaking out against anti-trans legislation and condemning hateful transphobic rhetoric in mainstream media.

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