Jeremy Renner Celebrates 10 Months Of Recovery From Snow Plow Accident, And I’m Still In Awe Of His Progress


Jeremy Renner began his 2023 with a traumatic accident when he was run over by a 14,300-lb snow plow on New Year’s Day while he was helping a family member get a stuck vehicle out of three feet of Nevada snowfall from the night before. The incident left the Marvel actor with over 30 broken bones, among other serious injuries. 10 months later, you wouldn’t know it considering the progress video Renner shared on social media. 

The 52-year-old actor celebrated 10 months of recovery from the snow plow accident with an inspiring Instagram post. Check out Renner running and jumping around less than a year after the incident: 

The actor shared he was “brought to tears” not only by the progress he has made throughout 2023, but thanks to the “support” from the fans, along with his family and friends, during a difficult time in his life. He called all the positive thoughts from the public “his fuel” to keep pushing throughout this journey of his. Jeremy Renner dealt with a lot of pain and surely has had to be patient with himself these past few months, but look at him now. I speak for so many when I say I’m in absolute awe of Renner’s progress throughout this process! 

I can recall a time, back in May, when the actor shared himself using a walker to get around. Six months later, the guy is running around the block. How is this possible? Renner has proved to be a really resilient person who doesn’t let the challenges he faced stop him from living to the absolute fullest. His Hawkeye co-star Hailee Steinfeld once said it best: Jeremy Renner is a “freaking superhero” in real life

He has been transparent with the public about his difficult recovery throughout the year. Just last week, the actor took to Instagram to share he’d explored “every type of therapy” since January, including hours of daily physical therapy, along with “peptide injections, iv drips and pushes, stem cell and exosomes, red light / IR therapy, hyperbaric chamber 2.0 atmospheres, cold plunge” and so forth. Renner also opened up about how the experience has changed his overall perspective on life by opening up in October that he has “no fat in my life anymore” following the life-changing accident.

Considering his latest post, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeremy Renner appeared in one of the upcoming Marvel movies as Clint Barton/Hawkeye given all the moves he can do these days. Amidst Renner’s latest update, the actor is getting ready to release a collection of music called “Love And Titanium” inspired by his healing. He has yet to share the release date, but I am excited to see Jeremy Renner making lemons into lemonade in a big way throughout 2023. 

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