Did Dwayne Johnson Really Eat At In-N-Out For The First Time Ever This Holiday? The Internet Investigated And Seemed To Catch A Lie


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been known to delight his social media followers with some truly fun posts, and that’s definitely been the case during this holiday season. Just this week, he had some users swooning after he donned his iconic ‘90s fanny pack look. He also recently posted about going to In-N-Out Burger, saying that it was his first time at the fan-favorite fast food restaurant. Since that went up, however, the Internet has been doing some investigating and, on the surface, it seems like it may have caught the beloved star in a bit of a lie. 

The video in question was shared to The Rock’s Instagram days ago and has since racked up over 600,000 likes. When chronicling what he referred to as his “first ever @innout burger experience,” the A-lister detailed his ordering process. He explained that while he didn’t know the best way to order, he’s a “quick study.” He ended up ordering a generous portion of vittles and said that he “loved the grub.” You can see the post for yourself below:

A number of fans were living for the drive-thru visit, which had the staff at the restaurant absolutely hyped, as some were able to take pictures with him. However, if you know people on the Internet though, they’re going to seek out receipts wherever necessary. As mentioned by Page Six, this isn’t actually the first time that the Hobbs & Shaw star has visited one of the eatery chain’s establishments. In fact, it would appear that he’s had at least two visits within the past six years. That was evidenced by one such post that was shared in August 2022, which documented another experience that was considered to be Dwayne Johnson’s first time having the food. Take a look: 

Now, there could very well be a reasonable explanation for this apparent snafu. The Rock could have a social media team that crafts the posts for him and forgot about the other In-N-Out experiences he’s had. After all, in the clip itself, the star doesn’t explicitly mention that it’s his first time indulging in the food. It’s an awkward turn of events, for sure. However, there are social media fumbles that are a bit more embarrassing. 

Interestingly, this isn’t the first instance in which a celebrity has seemingly been found out in a situation involving fast food. Earlier this year, Candace Cameron Bure was seemingly caught in a lie when she claimed that she hadn’t patronized any fast food restaurant – aside from In-N-Out – in the last 20 years. However, social media mavens discovered a 2012 post that seemed to show her partaking in Chick-Fil-A.

Regardless of when exactly Dwayne Johnson first had burgers and fries from the popular eatery, this post does fall in line with his love for cheat meals. The health-conscious star frequently posts about the foods that he’s willing to “jump” off the wagon for. He has a particular love of breakfast foods, like pancakes, biscuits, eggs and bacon. Johnson can humorously admit that he’s prone to getting the “fuck-its” when it comes to his diet, though never goes overboard. He still has to keep fit, of course, and that’s why even his legs look totally swole

It’s hard to say whether he’ll actually speak out on this little In-N-Out debacle – if he’s even aware of the chatter surrounding it. Regardless though, it’s cool that he’s been able to grab a few patties here and there and enjoy himself like the rest of us. Seriously, if a major celebrity going all in on burgers and fries isn’t relatable, then I don’t know what is.

As for his work, Dwayne Johnson will next be seen in the upcoming holiday film Red One, which will hit theaters and be available for Prime Video subscribers as part of the schedule of 2024 new movie releases.

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