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Ahead of the game’s launch into Early Access later this month, and with Steam Next Fest right around the corner, developer Walking Tree Games has announced that The Tribe Must Survive will be getting a limited-time demo during Steam Next Fest from February 5th to February 12th.

The game is divided into acts, with each act ending in a disaster that challenges the player to stay vigilant for their Tribe. For the demo, player will be able to experience 3 acts, leading to plenty of content to get a feel for where the game is headed.

“As a roguelike, we’re constantly working on the game’s balance and content updates as well as ensuring a different experience in each run,” explains the developer in the press release announcing the demo. “With every run being challenging and different, not surviving is the norm. Each new attempt is a chance to hone your own strategies until your tribe makes it all the way through.”

In The Tribe Must Survive, players are transported to a Lovecraftian Stone Age world where survival is not only a test of skill but a journey into the unknown. The game has been meticulously crafted for players to experience that seamlessly blends strategy, survival, and the eerie allure of Lovecraftian horror. There’s no single way to survive, and each tribe will have different advantages and troubles for the player to solve driven by the tribe members’ behaviors.

The Tribe Must Survive will launch into Early Access on Steam on February 22nd.

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