Will Smith Is Going Viral On TikTok For Surprising Fans During Bad Boys: Ride Or Die Screening, And The Comments Section Can’t Get Enough Of It


The summer blockbuster season is starting to heat up, and Will Smith is among the many A-listers who have major titles on the schedule of 2024 movie releases. He reprises his role of Mike Lowrey alongside Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys: Ride or Die! Smith really seems to be soaking it all in and recently did so in tremendous fashion. A TikTok video, which has gone viral, shows the actor in a theater, where he reveals himself to moviegoers after their screening of the movie ends. It’s a sweet moment, the comments section can’t get enough of it.

Amidst conversations recently arising about how the success of the Bad Boys movie could affect Smith’s future in Hollywood future, a fan shared this sweet two-minute video. Patrons were walking out of a showing of Ride or Die at a Cinemark theater in Baldwin Hills, California on Friday night. That’s when the actor nonchalantly surprised fans, and the video of the encounter is sure to leave a smile on your face:

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What truly makes this clip work is the casual the Oscar winner is when revealing himself. As he began talking to a fan about being “glad” she liked the movie, other people around him started to take notice that he was in their presence and became super starstruck. Before Will Smith knew it, there was a frenzy of fans in a crowd around him with their phones out as he shook hands, handed out hugs and took photos with them. Check out some of the great comments from TikTok: 

  • They knew who he was before he finished his first syllable. Love it. – @grateful_scott
  • One thing about him though he always been a real one to his fans 🤗❤️ – @dat1scorpiogirl
  • I would’ve cried 😂 – @joe_doom
  • The way I would be cheesing 😂😂 – @ladyemjay93
  • Love how people are getting hugs – @alternativepause
  • No security, no entourage. Just a real man with real fans. – @jerzee_girl

Fans really appreciated seeing Will Smith going out to see Ride Or Die and how he handled the swarm of fans coming his way so quickly. He treated everyone very warmly, and fans online were super jealous of the audience from that screening casually sharing an evening with the movie star. Will Smith shared his own video of the appearance on Instagram: 

As he revealed, he was sitting in the back corner of the theater by himself wearing a face mask during the screening. The crowd looked like they were having an absolute blast with the Bad Boys movie, and the I Am Legend star must have really enjoyed the experience of sneaking into the theater and seeing the real reactions of people experiencing it for the first time. 

As Will Smith said, he has a “ritual” of going to the theater to see his movies on the opening Friday night, Saturday and a Sunday matinee. Clearly, he was met with open arms by the crowd of people who had just seen one of the latest new films to hit cinemas, and you love to see it!

While critics are split on Ride or Die, its looking like the Bad Boys sequel could be a big hit this weekend, considering Deadline just reported it racked in $21.6 million on Friday and is heading into a $53 million opening weekend. The movie also is tracking well with audiences, earning an A- on Cinemascore. If it’s a big hit, it’s likely we’ll get to see Smith and Martin Lawrence reprise their roles for a future installment. Check it out in theaters now, and stream the first three installments using a Hulu subscription.

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