Chappell Roan says she struggles with ‘being gay enough’ for the queer community

Chappell Roan has opened up about how she sees herself in the queer community. (Getty)

Chappell Roan has opened up about how she sees herself in the queer community, admitting that she struggles with feeling like she’s “gay enough”.

In a resurfaced interview, the “Good Luck, Babe!” hitmaker opened up about grappling with her queerness, and feeling like she’s “enough” for the LGBTQ+ community (side note: she is). 

The Missouri-born singer, born Kayleigh Rose Amstutz, has been passionate about spreading queer joy since before her first London show in 2023. More recently, she turned down a performance at the White House for Pride as an act of defiance in support of freedom, trans rights, and women’s rights.

In the interview clip with Capital Buzz (formerly Pop Buzz), Roan said: “I think what I really struggled with, and still [do], is ‘being gay enough.’ I think that’s something that I feel pressure doing.”

She continued: “Sometimes I just feel like, ‘do I belong in the queer community?’ within myself, but I know that’s not the case. That’s not real.

“I mean, granted, I obviously belong,” the singer affirmed.

In the same interview, Roan offered advice to queer fans who are still finding themselves and their own identity. 

“I would say, be gentle. I think it took me a second to really wrap my head around queerness. 

“I think that is the case for every queer person, that it’s stages of, ‘Oh, this is who I am’, ‘Oh actually, it’s not’, or ‘maybe I’m not just bi, maybe I am more than bi, maybe I’m pan.’

“There are so many different journeys, you know?”

Fellow LGBTQ+ singer Reneé Rapp also recently spoke out about being in the queer community, including navigating internalised homophobia after she came out on Saturday Night Live

Rapp said she avoided looking at her phone “for a couple days” after filming the show and coming out “because I was so f**king terrified and felt so s**ty”.

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