Joe Swanberg Producing a Slate of Five Horror Films for Yale Entertainment


Joe Swanberg (V/H/S, Drinking Buddies, Happy Christmas) and Yale Entertainment have wrapped production on five upcoming horror movies, Deadline reports this week.

Deadline details, “Swanberg’s slate of horror films with Yale Entertainment was inspired by the producing exploits of Roger Corman.” The lineup includes the following projects:

  • Helldorado
  • Kenneled
  • Yellow Eyes
  • Monkey’s Magic Merry Go Round
  • Untitled Jae Matthews Project

Swanberg said in a statement, “I was very lucky to team with Yale Entertainment, who understood the model and were excited to try the most ambitious version of producing five features back-to-back. Using my resources from 20 years in Chicago, combined with support from the great team at Yale and my co-producer Ben Gojer, we have brought five incredible projects to life, each led by exciting early career filmmakers with huge futures.”

Here’s everything you need to know about each of the five movies…

“Written and directed by Kansas Bowling (Cuddly Toys), Helldorado watches as Queho, a Native American serial killer with a checkered past, takes out the people of a struggling mining town in the stark deserts of Nevada one by one, with the town Deputy right on his tail.

“Written by H.K. Moore and directed by Jay Burleson (The Nobodies), Kenneled follows a destitute dog walker who finds a wealthy client who saves him from financial ruin. But this is no ordinary dog.

“Written by Mickey Solis and directed by Jesse Korman, Yellow Eyes watches as a young couple inherits a house containing a mysterious relic that hosts the spirit of a powerful demon, and the wife of the man it possesses must find an exorcist to save him.

“Directed by Aidan Leary from his script written with C.R. Thompson, in his feature debut, Monkey’s Magic Merry Go Round watches as a children’s TV show host, ensnared in a case of amnesia, must confront his missing memories as his puppet co-stars turn on him.

“In the untitled feature written and directed by Jae Matthews, a young woman will do anything to avoid her ex at a secluded house party. But a supernatural virus passing through the partygoers may take care of him for her.”

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