10 Best Pomades for Men To Keep Your Hair In Place All 2024


Unless you’re a comic book character, there’s no chance the hairs on your head are naturally perfectly placed. Even the ‘undone’ ‘dos of movie stars surely contain a swipe or two of the good stuff—they definitely didn’t wake up like that.

Basically, every guy needs the best pomade for men in his arsenal, whether your goal is sleek and suave or simply pulled together.

Like any great product, the best pomades for men do a number of things to benefit your hair. Not only do they secure your ideal style in place, but they should also hydrate the hair, helping to keep your locks nice and healthy. Pomades can be personal, too. They should compliment your hair type and portray either the shine or the natural finish you desire.

Unfortunately, there are tons of pomades out there. One look around the internet will rightly leave your head spinning (which will no doubt throw some hairs out of place). You’ll notice strong holds and light ones, matte finishes, and sleek textures for piling up an impressive pompadour.

With so much variation and shallow promises from the makes of pomade for men, it can be hard to choose.

Fortunately, I’ve sorted through every brand and their offerings to bring you the best of the very best according to hair type, hold, finish, and even smell. Rest assured, you will find your ideal pomade for men. I can’t promise that you’ll look like a movie star, but I guarantee that your hair will.

Now let’s have a look at the top 10 best pomades for men below.

Key Takeaways 

To start this assignment, I took into account every major blog and retailer to determine which pomades sell the best and, more importantly, why. I checked reviews, examined photographs, and even scoped out my husband’s bathroom cabinet until I was able to narrow down the list to the 10 finalists you see on this list.

Overall, the cream of the crop of the best pomades for men is Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade because it’s moderately priced, suits all hair types, and provides a strong hold with a natural-looking body. For a reworkable high-shine lacquer, look no further than Lockhart’s Goon Grease.

Our Top Picks

scooping a redken brews cream pomade
barbersandbrews / Instagram

Best of the best pomades for men: Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade

Why it’s great: Picking the best hair pomade for men is tough because everyone’s hair types are so different, but Blind Barber is an easy fit. The yummy tonka bean scent smells delicious, it’s moderately priced, and it not only boasts a strong hold with a matte finish but also boosts hair health.

No others on this list use ingredients like sweet almond protein and hops from beer, which are effective thickening and conditioning agents that regulate greasy and flaky hair. The overall texture is paste-like, not sticky; and thanks to the texture and strong holding power, you don’t need a lot of product for a natural-looking body.

Who is this for? I think everyone can appreciate a pomade for men with a strong hold that isn’t greasy and washes out easily with water. Perfect for the guy who likes his hair easy and textured with a matte finish.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some reviewers say that the smell is a little strong, but most love it. If you’re super sensitive to scents, this may not be for you.

Product Benefit: Natural-looking body | Size: 2.5 oz | Hold: Strong | Finish: Matte | Hair Type: All

Redken Brews Cream Pomade

Why it’s great: My husband recently purchased this hair pomade for men for his thick, somewhat curly hair. He prefers an ‘invisible’ look, so he appreciates the natural finish and slight boost in volume that it gives his hair.

The hold is medium, so it’s perfect for every day, a flexible style that won’t harden your hair into a helmet. We both agree that it smells nice and fresh, is easy to apply, and works pretty much as it should.

Who is this for? I recommend this pomade for men to the low-maintenance guy who doesn’t want it to look like he’s wearing product.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Pasty more than waxy, so if you’re looking for intense hold and some high shine, look elsewhere.

Product Benefit: Volumizing, flexible | Size: 3.4 oz | Hold: Medium | Finish: Matte | Hair Type: All

Malin + Goetz Hair Pomade

Why it’s great: A light and lovely product, this pomade for men is excellent for fine hair types that could use a little body. The overall effect is great shape and texture, but it will give your hair some separation for a piecey, natural look.

So even though the hold is decent, hair is still nice and moveable. Touchable, even, and with a natural finish that doesn’t feel sticky.

Who is this for?  A pomade like this one is great for the casual guy. I probably wouldn’t recommend this for the severe, slicked-back type.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: For the amount you’re getting, some reviewers find this pomade to be good but expensive.

Product Benefit: Shape, texture | Size: 2 oz | Hold: Light | Finish: Natural | Hair Type: Fine

Kerastase Genesis Homme Cire D’epaisseur

Why it’s great: If it sounds fancy, that’s because it is. Kerastase is known for its exceptional quality, and its pomade for thinning hair is no different. It provides a light hold, which is great for thin and ‘weakened’ hair, as they describe it.

Ingredients like ginger root extract and creatine promote density, texture, and thickness without weighing down the hair. It’s going to make your hair look thicker and feel stronger while also smelling subtly musky, thanks to a yummy bergamot scent.

Who is this for? Thinning hair is common in men, especially if you’re on the mature side. This pomade provides a nice solution.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The price for this pomade for men might feel steep, but the results are worth every penny.

Product Benefit: Thickness, density, texture | Size: 2.5 oz | Hold: Light | Finish: Matte | Hair Type: Fine, thinning, weakened

Layrite Superhold Pomade

Why it’s great: It wouldn’t be a list of the best pomades for men without Layrite. It’s easily one of the most popular brands, and I love the Superhold for curly, coarse, and thick hair. All of their pomades come with a mild cream soda scent that is deliciously refreshing, but I like this one specifically for taming coily hair.

It even works on cowlicks and areas that ‘fight back.’ The finish is low to medium shine, and even though it has a firm hold, it’s easy to restyle throughout the day as needed.

Who is this for? If you would describe your hair as unruly or demanding, this is probably the best option for you.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: A few reviewers say this pomade for men takes some effort to work it completely through their thick, coarse hair.

Product Benefit: Control, restylability | Size: 4.25 oz | Hold: Firm | Finish: Low-medium | Hair Type: Thick, Coarse, Curly

American Crew Hair Pomade

Why it’s great: I love that one of the best pomades for men out there is a budget pick. It has a thick, creamy consistency you’ll want to work through thick, curly hair, though it is suitable for all hair types.

Even though they say it’s meant for a controlled look, I feel like the workable medium hold gives you that great balance of control and flexibility. Basically, your style will hold as if you’re wearing gel, but it won’t feel stiff.

Who is this for? If you would describe your hair as unruly, this is the pomade for you. If you’ve had issues with other pomades, this affordable option is a great one to try out.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some reviewers said it made their hair greasy, so I would steer clear or use less product if your hair is thin or fine.

Product Benefit: Control | Size: 3 oz | Hold: Medium | Finish: High shine | Hair Type: All, thick

Lockhart’s Goon Grease

Why it’s great: I’ve seen Goon Grease pop up over and over again on the ‘best of’ blogs, and I have to agree when it comes to high quality with a heavy hold. It’s comparable to Suavecito, but it won’t shellac your hair into a helmet.

You should be able to restyle it throughout the day. Not only does it apply evenly and keep any style from a pompadour to jelly rolls in place, but the citrus cologne scent happens to smell amazing.

Who is this for? This contender for best hair pomade for men is very shiny and has a strong hold, so I like it for formal occasions. Works great if you want a specific, controlled style to last all day.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Because it’s an oil-based pomade, it’s not as easy to wash out. To remove, the brand’s founder recommends applying Groom Cream before shampooing.

Product Benefit: Superior hold, high shine | Size: 3.4 oz | Hold: Strong | Finish: High shine | Hair Type: All

Shear Revival Crystal Lake Cream Pomade

Why it’s great: With a fun name and plant-based ingredients, there’s a lot to love about this hair pomade for men. When you swipe it out of the jar, you’ll notice it has the consistency of grease, only creamier, and it holds like wax. And yet, when it comes time to wash it out, shampoo is all you need.

I would say it’s best for creating shape and hold with a natural finish, especially if your hair is super thick. It uses deeply conditioning ingredients like aloe leaf juice and mango butter to hydrate both the hair and scalp. Oh, and don’t forget it smells delicious, thanks to blood orange and lavender.

Who is this for? If you want to create texture and volume, this is absolutely the way to go. Even stubborn thick hair can rise to the sexy, piecey occasion with Crystal Lake.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Most reviewers agree that this pomade for men easy to rework, but some also felt hair collapses easily.

Product Benefit: Volumizing, shape, hold | Size: 3.4 oz | Hold: Medium | Finish: Natural | Hair Type: Fine

Upper-Cut Deluxe Hair Pomade

Why it’s great: Oil-based pomades have their benefits, but a water-based is so much easier to wash out. Upper-Cut is an easy to wash out pomade for men that won’t leave residue behind.

It provides a major shine and strong hold that won’t leave your hair crunchy or stiff. It’s ideal for medium-length hair and works best on timeless, classic looks like pompadours, side parts, and slick backs.

Who is this for? Lucky enough to have nice, thick hair? This is one of the best pomades for men for taming lots of locks. Works great for slicking back a fade. Perfect for the stylish gent.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Reviewers have noted that if you have long hair, it probably doesn’t have enough hold.

Product Benefit: Shine, hold | Size: 3.5 oz | Hold: Strong | Finish: Shine | Hair Type: All

Reuzel Clay Matt Pomade

Why it’s great: You can easily use this hair pomade for men for a basic style, but it really does its best work to define bolder hairstyles. The hold is spectacular, and it doesn’t leave any residue or build-up behind. Regardless of your hairstyle, the overall effect is matte, a nice, natural finish that doesn’t feel shiny or too bold.

This brand is from the Netherlands; and although it matters most what’s on the inside, I do love their iconic branding.

Who is this for? Perfect for both a bold and everyday hairstyle. If you like your hair to look natural and not shiny, this one’s for you.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The scent of this pomade for men is subtle vanilla mint, but several reviewers couldn’t smell it. Instead, they picked up a clay-like odor that could be off-putting to some.

Product Benefit: Defining, thickening | Size: 7 oz | Hold: Medium | Finish: Matte | Hair Type: Fine

scooping out a clay matte pomade by reuzel
reuzel / Instagram

Buying Considerations for The Best Pomades For Men

Hair Type

Finding the right pomade for your hair type is crucial. Some pomades are too thick and nourishing on fine hair, leaving it greasy. Others are too lightweight for thick, coarse, and unruly locks, causing you to load up and waste too much product.

Generally, the best pomades for men will indicate the hold they possess and the hair type on which they work best. If you have thin or fine hair, look out for a lightweight pomade. If you have moderately thick or wavy hair, you can probably take your pick. Coarse, curly, and unruly hair needs something highly nourishing.


Generally speaking, the thicker your hair, the more hold you need. That’s because a strong hold paste is going to have more grit to tamp down the hair. Thin, fine hair does better with a light hold.

There are some exceptions, and one might actually prefer to have a light hold on their thicker hair if they aren’t sporting a highly controlled hairstyle. Maybe all you want is to tame some flyaways and give your hair a general shape. Think about your needs and consider your hair type when choosing a hold.


When perusing the best pomades for men, don’t overlook shine. Typically, a pomade will either be low, medium, or high shine – although some are also matte or natural. Matte, natural, and low shine will not add slickness to your hair.

If you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t want his hair looking wet or ‘done,’ this is the way to go. Medium or high shine adds a dressy feeling to a hairstyle. It’s more suave, sleek, and maybe a little bit more professional.

the blind barbers 90 proof pomade
blindbarber / Instagram

How We Chose

So many hair products claim to do it all. We’ve all seen those 12-in-1 combos, right? Okay, I know you know better than that, but still. To make sure I found the best of the best, I considered company reputation, price, and customer reviews. After all, if the internet isn’t where people are being honest, where is it?

Company reputation: When searching for the best pomades for men, I was careful to choose brands that customers love. I considered their customer service, the history of the brand, and how well they communicated transparently to the people that they serve.

Price: Let’s face it, nobody wants to shell out for a hair pomade for men. I took both price and value into consideration. Do you get a lot of product for the price? How long does the product last? All of these questions are important when crafting the best pomades for men list.

Customer reviews: What people say is of utmost importance when searching for the best  pomades for men. Do they love the quality and feel in their hair? Will they buy it again, or never return? I take people’s feedback seriously before I decide to recommend a product to others.

Why trust us?

Rachel Cascella loves hair so much she’s been writing about it for years. First at The Right Hairstyles, and now in-house for Fashionbeans. This isn’t even her first foray into pomades, either.

She makes sure that any and every product or method she recommends is highly researched and held up to a rigorous standard. AKA, would she use it on her own precious locks or recommend it to someone she loves? If the answer is no, you won’t see it here.

Rachel’s approach to product selection is meticulous, prioritizing efficacy, reader relevance, and inclusivity. Her expertise isn’t just in recommending products but in providing a holistic view of grooming that incorporates lifestyle adjustments and skincare routines.

This depth of knowledge and commitment to quality is what sets her apart and why you can trust her recommendations, especially in the pursuit of finding the best pomades for men.

Final Verdict 

Ultimately, a quality hair pomade for men should be suitable for most hair types, it should have decent hold, smell good, and be of good value. My top pick of the best pomades for men is Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade because it thickens and conditions the hair while providing a strong hold and an easy, natural finish.


    • Wax offers a better hold than pomade, which stays more pliable throughout the day.

      • Pomade is better for curly hair because it provides a flexible hold that defines and nourishes curls without making them stiff.

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