2SD: Spending The Holidays


2SD, rising hip-hop superstar is releasing his long-awaited, highly anticipated album on Christmas Day.  Having released a single each week until Christmas, the entire album will now be shared with the world. The album is entitled “The Next Move.”

What does this album mean to you?

This album is very special to me as it is the first actual album I’ve ever released and I had a lot of people tell me that there was no way I could do it and I was a little too old to release an album. I am. I didn’t have much to say back then to a lot of people because I was learning to use Pro Tools which is my studio software I use, and I didn’t know how to get my thoughts and ideas out of me head to express. So, most laughed at my music and said I was kind Crazy thinking that I was better than I truly was and that I had no talent. Well, all that did is light a fire of determination to prove everybody wrong, so I jumped into it headfirst. I must have watched a 100 hours of tutorial videos from Avid the maker of Pro Tools to learn how to make a decent track and I believe you know how it went from there. I haven’t stopped since I have a very large catalog now of music that I can’t wait to show the world. I am also collaborating with other artists around the world and will be starting my next project very soon.


What is your driving force?

My driving force is for the love of music. I love how it can be a part of so many lives and how it triggers emotions. I mean what else in the world can make you smile, cry, love, and feel as good as music does. I want to make people remember that I made them feel a little bit better even if it’s only as long as one song.


What things inspire you most?

I’m inspired most by the fans that I have watched  follow and support my dreams and to all of them I would like to say – Thank you for helping me pursue my dreams and I promise to appreciate you all back any time I get the opportunity. I will never forget who made this possible.

What will you be doing this Christmas and will Santa be visiting you?

Lol, I will be with my amazing family and friends enjoying one another’s company on Christmas Day eating some delicious blessed food, drinks and of course some music to get the gluts shaking. Me and Santa got some catching up to do out on the porch lol. ????


Your album sounds like it was a lot of fun, do you have any backstage stories to share?

Yes, this album has been a blast to make with all the amazing features and artists coming to work with me and my label “Sober Dime Productions “ I’ve met people from all over the world. A fun story I’ll share is when I was in the booth I was recording and a big spider ???? like a black widow I believe fell from the ceiling and landed right on my lyrics pages and I was so shocked I jumped back and knocked over the mic stand all the sound proofing and actually fell out of the booth.

What can we expect in 2020 and beyond?

Moving forward to next year I will be announcing the project I will be starting in January. I plan on making my next Album for Spring break 2020. I am going to be collaborating with a lot of artists to bring you a collaboration of genre and styles that will get spring started out with a banging experience.


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