Baby Colin, Vampire Nightclub, and New Creatures: What to Expect from “What We Do in the Shadows” Season 4


FX’s hilarious hit series “What We Do in the Shadows” is coming back for Season 4 on July 12, 2022, and has been renewed for seasons five and six ahead of the Season 4 premiere.

When we left our favorite vampire roommates at the end of season three, Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) celebrated his centennial by dying, Nando (Kayvan Novak) embarked on a self-discovery journey, Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) accepted a position in London’s Worldwide Vampiric Council, and Lazlo (Matt Berry) locked Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) in a shipping crate to protect his wife. Then he decided to stay behind to watch over the baby that emerged from Colin’s body.

“This season, the vampires return to Staten Island to find their mansion on the verge of total structural collapse and with no money to repair it. While Nandor’s eternal search for love finally yields results, Nadja finally realizes her dream of opening the hottest vampire nightclub in the Tri-State area. Laszlo struggles with the question of nature versus nurture as he tries raising Baby Colin to be anything other than an energy vampire. And even Guillermo finds himself on a powerful emotional track that touches on his love for his family and others.”

Ahead of Season 4, Bloody Disgusting attended a press conference with the cast and Executive Producer/Writers Paul Simms and Stefani Robinson about what to expect from the upcoming season. Here’s what we learned.

Baby Colin

Colin Robinson is the outlier of the roommates as the sole energy vampire. Before his death, Robinson fed on the energy of others. Will that change for the infant Colin?

Paul Simms explains, “Colin is a very, very active child with way too much energy, and he is something of a drain on the energy of the household. But not in the way that the adult Colin Robinson was where he’d bore you to death; but more the way if any of you have a two- or three-year-old, the way you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day, that’s the way Colin makes everyone feel. However, the question is still open as to whether he’s going to grow up and be an energy vampire, and he’s just draining people’s energy the way every two- and three-year-old in the world does, or whether it’s just a natural thing.”

Matt Barry teased Baby Colin’s toddler energy, “Baby Colin, let me say, is an incredible swordsman.

Simms also teased that we shouldn’t expect Baby Colin to grow too fast, “He, Baby Colin, is a growing boy, who grows a little bit faster than normal humans, but, yeah, the last time we saw him at the end of the last season, he was a little baby. Only a year has passed, and he already appears to be about a three-year-old, but I’d say he stays pretty young through most of the season.”

Nadja’s Vampire Nightclub

Simms revealed that Nadja’s career ambitions continue to grow this season, with the vampire opening a vampire nightclub.

“We’ve always talked about how Nadja was turned into a vampire when she was very young and was from a small Mediterranean island and had never had a chance to be in the working world or be a boss or anything. So, I think one of the most fun things about the nightclub is her finally getting the chance to be in charge of something and see what that power does to her,” Simms stated.

“The vampire nightclub is mainly for vampires, but they like to get some humans in there, so the vampires have something to drink. You’ll see as the season progresses, like any semi-secret nightclub that would open in New York, it attracts its share of celebrities who want to come and see what the hot new scene is. They might not realize that they are going into a vampire nightclub and are at risk of dying. I think there is even one part where The Guide [Kristen Schaal] and Nadja are discussing the price of the drinks, and Nadja is saying, ‘The drinks have to be very expensive because that attracts the wealthy people, and the wealthy people are like veal. Like, they get massaged and eat rich foods, and their blood is just delicious.’”

Djinn and Mythical Creatures

The series has always excelled at introducing a plethora of mystical creatures and monsters beyond vampires and swearwolves, and this season will be no different.

“What We Do in the Shadows” Season 3

The writers divulged that Nandor will find himself possessing a Djinn from his ancestral homeland. Expect some subversions to the usual genie.

“In fairytales, it’s three wishes because you have to choose them very carefully. In our story, it’s 50 wishes, and Nandor blows through all of them within about three episodes. He’s really not very careful with it. As far as other creatures, Episode 4, called “The Night Market,” is our biggest, most elaborate episode we’ve done where all of the vampires go to the Night Market, which is where all of the supernatural creatures in the city gather in a hidden place to barter and trade with each other. It’s an amazing episode, and we have the budget figures to prove it. But it’s a cool episode where you see not just vampires but every kind of supernatural creature you can imagine and some that we’ve never seen before, all mingling together,” Simms explained.

If that’s not enough, Simms teased, “If you like seeing creatures, wow, do we have an episode for you when Laszlo, Nandor, and the Baby Colin go to a hunting cabin with the neighbor, Sean. You are going to see all sorts of creatures, including many that Laszlo, once again, tames by playing his magical flute.”

Mystical creatures aside, Stefani Robinson shares what we can expect regarding the season’s special guests and cameos: “There are some good surprises and, I feel like, true cameos that you might have to look twice before you recognize who they are.

Simms adds, “There are ones that to give it away would spoil the fun, but Fred Armisen, in particular, is one I thought. Then there are some familiar faces that are returning that we are not going to spoil the surprise of also.”

Season Four of “What We Do in the Shadows” premieres with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, July 12, on FX and streams the next day on Hulu.

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